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Summer left far too soon

Yesterday I took a trip to explore KEKELAND (M), after seeing some nice pictures on Flickr. What I found way exceeded my expectations. This build has personality in bucket loads. As well as being extremely pretty, it’s quirky and full of character, with lots to find and explore. From the land description, ‘We tried to recreate a quiet, sunny and peaceful fishermen place, inspired from an Italian village..’ which features a harbour, narrow streets lined with colourful houses, and beautiful countryside around. From the stone beaches at the coastline, the land is mountainous and climbs up and up, creating levels of beautiful scenery, and I spotted a castle on the South corner of the island. There is a huge vineyard, and scattered farm buildings where animals wander freely. Down in the village there is a vintage market, a coffee shop, and places to eat, snack, and hang out. The road leads through to the harbour where you can sail or fish, or more places to eat and drink. This island really does have everything, from simple country living to nightlife in the town. I want to holiday here for real, lol. And it’s so creative and beautiful here, I really didn’t want to leave. I wanted to gather it up and squish it all inside me and keep it. Amazing builds like this are a pleasure to visit and hard to TP away from. I think I will be here a lot.

Teleport to KEKELAND

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