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A train to Strawberry Lake

I’ve been spending time at Strawberry Lake (Adult) this week, a pretty Sim that mixes town and countryside perfectly. You arrive at the train station, a feature that I really like, and take the stairs up into the town. Here you can visit the Gallery, grab a coffee or an ice cream, chill in the town square, or window shop. It’s a blend of vintage and more modern here in the town and comes together very well. Peach Walk leads you up to the conservatory, which features more interesting art and decor and a very cool solar system mobile. It has an air of mystery in here and I like the look of this build a lot. Back into the town and down Cherry Lane takes you across the bridge, with a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. The colours of the flowers and shrubs are gorgeous, everything is very natural and peaceful here. There is a lot of trees and wildlife, and sheep graze freely along the path. Follow it down to the pier where you can chill out and watch the river wander its way out to sea. There are lots of other chill out spots around the Sim too, including the lighthouse on the opposite side. There are also rentals dotted around this part of the Sim, but they are easy to spot so I didn’t wander anywhere I shouldn’t this time. I am really enjoying spending time at this pretty and interesting Sim, and recommend a visit here.

Take the train to Strawberry Lake


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