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Visiting Erebos Harbor

My travels today took me to Erebos Harbor, a beautiful and photogenic Sim I have seen on Flickr. The black earth goes all the way down to the sea, and the island is covered with natural foliage and flowers. There is a harbor of course and a river running through the middle of the Sim to the coast either side. There is a small town with a cafe, and the very cool Planetarium with the stone animals I found outside. Wandering out of the harbor area I found various builds dotted around between the trees which are aged and interesting. There are hang out spots dotted around everywhere, and pathways and bridges to explore from the highest point of the island down to the sea.

There are rentals here, the only downside of my visit was I got kicked a couple of times by security orbs when I wandered too close to people’s houses and it only gave me 5 seconds to move lol. Luckily I didn’t get ejected from the Sim, just teleported to another spot, but I kind of lost my bearings a bit when that happened. But I think I did walk all around the island pretty much, and it’s a lovely place to visit and I’m sure to live too. The windlight is beautiful and looked amazing reflecting on the water as I stood on the beach, and when I climbed up to the highest point to look out over the island, and I would recommend a visit here.

Teleport to Erebos Harbor

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