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Chill time at La Vie

It’s been an exhausting 24 hours, what with having to work a night shift and also the World Cup England V Colombia match going to a penalty shoot out. I couldn’t watch the match live because of having to be at work, but I was super excited and shocked too when I finally found out the score, and watched the whole thing on catch-up TV when I woke up. Even though I knew what happened I was still stressing like it was live lol.

So after all that I decided to go check out a nice beach in SL and calm down a bit, and picked out La Vie (Moderate) to visit. I got my Stars and Stripes tee shirt on in recognition of Independence Day across the water, have a good holiday everyone who celebrates that. I walked around a bit exploring and then planted myself in this nice comfortable deckchair. Something I really like here at this Sim is the nature sounds. The breeze in the trees sounds amazing, and the birds are calling over the breaking waves of the sea. It gives a very realistic feel to this natural coastal Sim. There is no beach as such, its more sand dunes with wild grasses and a rocky surrounding coastline. It’s very pretty and a nice place to spend some downtime. I only made got this one picture in the end because RL interrupted, but there is lots to explore including a lighthouse, a couple of campsites, caves, and a bunch of hangout spots around the island.

Teleport to La Vie

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