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Snowflakes and heartaches

Yesterday I visited *LEA25 – The Jewell Theatre – SNOW. And from the Land Description, ‘Welcome to your new reality. In a dystopian future, made white with ice and snow… Welcome to the world of SNOW, the Jewell Theatre’s latest play.’ You can read more about the upcoming performances here at and all about the the Jewell Theatre Company, who perform live, full length plays in Second Life, bringing a real theatre experience to an international audience across the world.

I think it would be really cool to check out a performance of this latest play. As I was walking around exploring the stormy, frozen land, I could totally picture this as a future for our planet unless we take steps to change. If you ‘Allow Experiences’ you will be transported around, there are underground bunkers and caves too, and the land will tell you it’s story. But as well as that and the play itself, the sim offers interactive posters in the town about the environment, conservation, climate change, and what we can all do help. I came away from the sim with the message that yes, we do have the power to reverse what seems irreversible, if we ALL just make small efforts to change.

I think SNOW is an exciting and uplifting build in the end, in spite of the scary vision of the future. I would recommend checking it out and the Jewell Theatre blog too.

Teleport to LEA25 – The Jewell Theatre – SNOW

*LEA – Linden Endowment for the Arts

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