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Exploring at THE BURIED MAN

Here are some pictures from my wandering at THE BURIED MAN (adult), an apocalyptic desert sim that offers art, salsa and club dancing, chillout areas, a market, and roman baths. The art was the main reason for my visit recently, and I enjoyed looking around on the ground at the various installations. The main installation I came across is the ‘naked with a chair’ exhibition from Mind Carlberg. This exhibition is growing and open to every kind of avatar who wishes to take part, following the simple instructions in the note card provided for execution and submission of completed work. It looks like a fun project and there is some awesome photography already here on display. No close up spoilers here at my blog, go check out the installation and the rest of the sim for yourself. I spent a peaceful hour or two here playing around, listening to the stream and taking these few pictures with the sim windlight settings. It was relaxing and I enjoyed my visit here.

Teleport to THE BURIED MAN




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