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I’ll protect you from all the things I’ve seen

I took these pictures at the remote and desolate Khodovarikha, ‘a weather station located on the freezing Barents Sea’. Described as ‘one of the loneliest places on earth’, I certainly got that feeling as I wandered around exploring. I was listening to the music stream too which really added to the atmosphere. The buildings are falling in to ruin and there is a lot of junk around like old gas canisters and oil barrels. I saw a few sea birds, and some signs of human habitation, but generally the place feels old and abandoned. The sea is grey like the snow heavy sky, and the only plants surviving the cold seem to be the rough dune grass. As I spent more time at the island, going in and out of buildings and taking my pictures, it really began to feel oppressive after a while, like the atmosphere and the silence became so heavy on me. I enjoy solitude as a rule, so I would say there is a great deal of thought gone into this build to make it feel the way it does even to me. Apparently one singular person inhabits this island, and as I left to head out to a noisy party or two, I was thinking about that lonely island and the snow and how it made me feel after only a short while, and how it must be for that person to live there. I don’t think I would survive too much time there, as solitary a being as I am. I guess I still have the freedom to be around people if I want to, and that makes the difference. Anyway yea, this place made quite a deep impression on me. Go check it out.

Teleport to Khodovarikha


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