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Winter at Q Lounge!

I have written in this blog a few times about Q Lounge Trance Club, which this year celebrated it’s 8th anniversary in SL! And is one of my favourite places to party and socialise. So I was excited this afternoon to be able to get a sneak preview of the Xmas build for the club, which opens from 12 noon SLT today.

Amanda and her daughter Sweety have done an incredible job once again, creating a beautiful and inviting party and hangout place for us all to enjoy. From the moment you arrive at the landing spot, there are things to see and do. I really like how the build takes you on a journey from the hilltop downwards, and the natural colours of the winter trees and plants, bright red berries, and all the pretty Xmas lights, look beautiful against the white snow. Far from being just a dance venue, it really is a place where you can explore, sit with friends and enjoy the view with coffee or a hot chocolate, dare to sled down the mountainside, get your skates on, or get snappy with your camera like I did in this magical snowy wonderland. I took a ton of pictures, these are unedited pics again using two different windlight settings.

Amanda and her family, and the extended Q Lounge family, are some of the best peeps in SL for reals. I am happy and lucky to have a lot of great memories over the years of fun times shared there, and this Xmas is going to be another awesome one! Q Lounge parties are from 12 noon SLT-4pm SLT every week day, (8pm onwards UK time, 9pm CET,) and you can catch some amazing trance DJs there, as well as the decades set (60s-90s juke box) on a Saturday. Exploring is anytime of course, so go check it out.

Sleigh Ride to Q Lounge Winter Trance Club



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