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A trip North

Today I fancied doing a bit more exploring in SL, and went to check out ‘North’, a build by Kate Bergdorf that, quoted from the information notecard, is ‘inspired by  the raw and serene Scandinavian and Scottish northern landscapes’. The NC gives more detail about the build and the vision behind it, as well as how best to set your settings while exploring, link to the flickr group and so on. Also the Sim has it’s own music stream so make sure you listen in to enhance your experience when visiting.

I was instantly attracted to visiting North because of the vast empty spaces and decaying buildings, blanketed by the gently falling snow. It’s the sort of build that I love, where I can sit for a while and let my mind become still. After exploring all around on the high ground… I even found the hidden underground caves… I wandered down the hill to peek through the windows of the buildings down there, then stood on the black sandy beach and watched the ocean. I had a very enjoyable time here and took a few pictures again. These are unedited snapshots with the atmospheric windlight at the Sim.

Teleport to North

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