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Last night I had a dream about God. ‘Oh’, I hear my friends sigh, ‘he’s finally lost it’. But they shouldn’t worry, this was not a prophetic dream or voices telling me to do something. I am not a religious person and I don’t hold traditional beliefs. But I am a believer, in my own way. I believe in the soul journey, in the spiritual being having a human existence, in the energy connection between all living things and the universal energy from which we are all born, and will return to when the physical body dies. When I am having a tough time or struggling to find meaning to life, it’s then that I seem to receive reminders of these beliefs to keep me pushing through. But never usually through the medium of a dream, which last night went like this.

I was standing in a garden, in front of an old, red brick wall with a weathered, wooden gate in it. The gate was open a little way, waiting for me to push it. The wall was covered in purple clematis growing down over it. And surrounding me and the wall and the garden, kind of like the way sunshine pours over you on a warm, windless day, there was this energy. Kind of like the rings around Saturn, that’s how it seemed, but just one, brighter where it was and gently moving, kind of like the way a heat haze will move in summer. I don’t remember feeling anything in the dream; I was just there. But when I woke up I was excited and happy. I thought, ‘I can’t wait to go there’. And then I thought, ‘okay well, maybe not just yet’. (Which is an improvement I think, because once upon a time leaving was all I could think about). So anyway, when I got into SL today, I wandered about a bit trying to find a scene that represented the scene in my dream. I could have built it I suppose but that takes time and I wanted to blog today, while my memory was clear. In the end I didn’t really find anything close to what I dreamed, but I did explore a bit at Le Sixieme Sens, which is a really pretty Tuscan landscape with a villa, vineyard, farm animals, cottages, lots of wild flowers and open spaces, and ruins. A gorgeous build to be honest. And I had one crash and made two pictures. Yay SL.

I read a theory once, I’m pretty sure it was from Deepak Chopra, who said that all reality is created through consciousness. What we perceive, is what is ‘real’. We are both the creators and observers. We are not our physical body, we are the force or energy that drives the physical body. Think about the RL person (consciousness) driving the SL avatar (physical body), it’s kind of like that. When the physical body dies, consciousness continues on it’s upper spiral (since energy doesn’t die it only transforms) and continues to create it’s reality. And so, in the same way that I am creating my own reality here in my earthly existence, the same can be true when I move on from the earthly existence. In that way, I can create my own heaven or after-earth-life. If you have ever read the book ‘The Lovely Bones’, it’s kind of like how the main character builds things in her heaven with her mind. Basically, what I’m saying is, the theory is that if you believe you will go to a heaven with big fluffy clouds and angels and choirs and stuff, that’s what you will get because your consciousness will create that reality. If you believe there is nothing, than that’s what you will get. You get what you expect. If I believe I will begin in a garden with a gate to so many wonders that there aren’t enough words to describe, then that’s what my consciousness will create and that will be my reality. Who wouldn’t be excited about that.

Teleport to Le Sixieme Sens


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