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Out there in the ether

I saw this definition of the word ‘ether’ today and it’s definitely how I believe it to be and and where our consciousness ascends to when the physical body dies..

‘Ether is a subtle sea of energies that stores everything that has ever occurred throughout all of Creation’

So I made this picture recently, to represent a dream I had shortly after my dog died, nearly a year ago now. It felt more than a dream really, it was more like a message. He was running far ahead of me, out of earshot, up the slope of a tall green hill with a tree at the top. He was heading for the shade at the top of the hill and he had his favourite orange ball with him. And the strong sense I had, and was left with when I woke, was that he was okay and he was happy.

So ever since the dream, I have felt it was either a message from him, or from whatever energies surround me and look after me as I continue on my journey here at the earth plane. I have been thinking about him a lot as the 1st anniversary of his death approaches at the end of April.. I have been thinking about him too because I have been unwell the last week, experiencing a lot of pain in my head and ear, either caused by a virus or by a compressed or damaged nerve(s), the Dr. is not sure at this point and sent me for blood tests and stuff. Anyhoo, in the meantime I am on strong painkillers and a small daily dose of anti-depressant, which are used to relax the muscles/nerves (not sure which) when suffering from anxiety, and should hopefully ease the pain. I’m glad for anything that will help, the pain was getting me down a lot, especially as I couldn’t sleep at night. The drugs are letting me sleep, so I’m grateful for that. And I keep thinking about my dog, and how this time last year he only had a a few more weeks to live.. how he had tumours in his leg and spine and head, and no one knew right until the end. He was silent and brave and just kept doing his dog stuff until he couldn’t do it anymore. It must have been hard and painful for him, waiting for me to realise he was sick. I have these pains and I am straight to the Doctor after a few days, but he couldn’t tell me he was suffering until he started to walk strange and fall over and I saw the lump in his leg. It still makes me cry, because he suffered, because he was such an innocent soul, and because I miss him. So I’m glad for that dream, and I hope I will see him again when it’s my turn to leave my physical body. I will look for him on that hill, pet him like crazy and throw his ball a bit, and think about the strange journey we both had called life.


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