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Free gift @ MP

Greetings blog readers, I am feeling unusually organised with my Xmas gift this year.

I no longer have an in-world gallery but I finally got my s**t together and uploaded some of my artwork to the Second Life Marketplace (MP), something I have been talking about doing for months, (procrastinators unite! tomorrow…)

If you are a resident of Second Life, you can log in to MP and buy things to put in your house or land or gift to other people and so on. Like Amazon but for pixel people, yay. Anyhoo, I made this gift (below) of some cute reindeer with an animated snow effect, total land impact is 2LI (or 2 prims if you are ‘SL old’ like me), with the message ‘Peace on Earth’. Something I think we could all do with a bit more of tbh.


Free Gift

Please enjoy it if you grab it. The frame is mesh with a prim insert. Any problems, let me know. It’s copy, mod, no trans, and you can stretch it bigger how you want. Please check out my other art and wall tattoos for sale also, if you have a minute. There’s a permalink at the top of my blog ‘Marketplace Gallery‘.

Ok, with that done, back to what I’m supposed to be doing. College work. But maybe i’ll eat first… (procrastinators unite… )


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