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Everything looks better at night

My post title is something I was thinking as I was riding the train out of Clapham Junction last weekend. It was already dark outside, and I was watching through the train window all the street lights, the headlights and tail lights of traffic on the road below, the florescent glow from shops and fast food restaurants, and the glimpses into the windows of the flats and houses of people’s homes, looking warm and ready to sleep. South London looks pretty at night. Sometimes I caught a glimpse of a person in their kitchen or their living room, doing whatever on a Sunday night, and I thought… those people might think they’re alone, but I can see everyone together through the windows, and I know they’re not.

My life is very busy now, since the summer. Working full time and being an adult learner at college too. I finally decided there was a point to education. You would never have got me to agree when I was younger, when I thought there wasn’t much point to anything in life. I’m happy with my improved state of mind and thinking about a future. It’s strange thinking back on my life.. so much turmoil. And now here I am, acting like a normal member of the human race. It’s so surreal. Today I laughed because I got a letter from my college inviting my ‘parents/carers’ to my college Information Evening – to discuss student achievement. Well, I’m a little old for that, lol. Not that they would have gone even if I was still in their care. But none of that matters now, because I got this. I got this by myself and I aim to succeed.

My picture was taken at Gates of Melancholy, a build which is ‘based on and inspired from the life and work of the famous American painter Andrew Wyeth.’ Read more here or Teleport to Gates of Melancholy.


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