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Tennis balls are the best!

Before I carry on with my RL exploration post, I had to interrupt to post a picture of my cute SL puppy. He is a brown and white collie like my real dog was, and even wears a little red bandana like my real dog did. Some people will know my RL dog got cancer and died on April 30th this year. I still miss him greatly and it’s still a hugely painful thing, that loss. So anyway, I am playing with this new SL pup and remembering my RL dog, which is both a happy and sad thing for me to do. He LOVED, I mean LOVEDDDDD, tennis balls. You couldn’t leave him alone with one because he would eat it, lol. But on walks he would chase and chase them and that was his best moment of the day. In all honesty I wouldn’t have touched his ball with my hand like I am doing in this picture though haha, all covered in mud and drool, yuckkkk. He would drop it at my foot and wait for me to kick it, and that was the game that never got old. Smelly hairy messy dog, who blessed my life with love and companionship and the wonderfulness of his crazy, funny ways.

puppy and ball_002 copy

“I heard somebody define heaven once,”
she said, looking at Pearl,
“as a place where, when you get there,
all the dogs you ever loved run to greet you.”
– Robert Parker

Animated puppy created by JIAN as part of their Countryside Collies Collection. These are gacha items but I bought my pup at a popular yard sale location to get the one I wanted.

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