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RL mini-break, 1

So I took a few days away with my RL brother. It was great to have that time with him, and we both really needed some time away from work and routine and a change of scene for a couple days. We drove down to the South Coast of England and had some really fun days in and around Eastbourne, Hastings, Pevensey Bay, Beachy Head. We had good weather, great food, and much alcohol lol. The countryside was amazing, beautiful and so peaceful. We learned a lot of interesting history too, especially in Hastings with the castle and the smugglers caves.

Now I’m having fun editing my (not great quality) pics from my crappy phone. And I realise I should get away from home more. I don’t hate London but no one can deny it’s stressful for many reasons. So anyway, my first pics, I’ll post more later.

Above is pics taken at Beachy Head, Eastbourne Beach and the entrance to Sovereign Harbour. Everywhere was so clean. I kept saying that to my bro, lol. Only the gulls were littering on Eastbourne Pier, tearing open some rubbish bags.

Below is when we decided to watch the sunrise. We kinda miscalculated where East was at first and it was a bit cloudy, but I still loved being there by the sea as night turned into morning, no noise but the waves and the calls of the flock of gulls wheeling over the beach and over the sea, the boats heading out from the harbour as it started to become light. (to be cont/…)

PicMonkey Collage Sunrise.jpg


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