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Lost Dream

How strange
that all this ache,
all this pain and sorrow
and sweet joy
and perfect simple bliss,
will all end up in the same ether.
All we are will float away
and all we’ve endured
will spread
in the winds that
only time has the lungs
to blow.

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

Over the last couple of weeks I have been spending time here at ‘Lost Dream-Les reves perdus’. I recently suffered a loss in RL, and so that is probably reflected in the mood of my pictures, (please click them to view bigger). It was the perfect setting for me to spend time with my thoughts and memories. But whatever your mood, this is a beautiful sim to explore and relax, surrounded by nature and quiet beauty.

There is a very active facebook group for this sim, and also a group on flickr, for all you photographers out there.

Teleport to Lost Dream-Les reves perdus (Adult) 


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