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Collage post

Hey everyone, I am done posting here for now. I have had this blog since June 2012, and have been posting consistently since February 2014. I have enjoyed writing and sharing various stuff here, and posting up all my photography from SL. For my second life posts, I think I especially liked seeing when people had clicked on the SLurls to go and visit the places I had blogged about. But I’m kinda low on time and energy for this blog now, altho I am sure I will continue to explore in SL for as long as I remain there. Thank you for reading, liking, sharing and commenting here if you did. The pictures below are collages of just a few of the pictures I have taken over the last couple of years in SL, (click them for bigger). So many nice memories and beautiful, interesting, creative or fun in-world locations, it makes me smile to look at them all :)

Hugs to all <3


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