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I am not a clever avatar. When I make my posts, I can’t come at you with facts and figures and history. When I write, the only thing I really know is what I’m feeling. Today I was feeling sad, and the best thing to do with a day like that is to find some distraction. I went to Recursion by FreeWee Ling, on LEA27. The destination guide gives the description ‘Recursion: That which recurs or is recursive or which re-occurs. Reiterative. Repetitive. Repetitious.’ The art here is interesting and made me think a lot. Often it feels like life is repetitive, repetitious. Sometimes problems can be like that too. I read an article this morning about how obsessing or talking about a problem can actually keep manifesting that situation back into our lives. Like uhm, we are investing so much energy into that thing by thinking about it or talking about it that we are making it reoccur, and the trick is to divert our energy elsewhere. That takes practice of course.

So when I was investigating the art, I liked the movement and the patterns. I was listening to the music stream too, and I spent ages just floating in this one piece, (picture 1) and letting the light beams flicker around me and through me (they follow you round as you move), it made me think about how we all are actually energy and light shuffling around in flesh and bone form, and how we forget that we are more than what we see. It was very calming and centring just to sit in the middle of this and think my thoughts. All of the art around me made me think about how the universe is built up by patterns, or like, numbers or something, (like the Matrix but without the malevolent part – I don’t think the universal energy is influencing our lives in a good or evil way, it just IS) everything works around patterns and math and… okay, this is when I refer you to my first line. I can’t explain what I mean or what I feel like I understand. I watch documentaries and I read, but when I try to repeat the knowledge, my brain can’t really translate it into words. I hate that, but okay. All I know is that I have like, this innate understanding that there is ‘more’, we are inside the universe and it is inside us, we are connected to it and to each other by energy, and I have a sense of being a small part of something incredible and embracing. I know that the things hurting me or making me feel sad are just drops in an ocean of time and, in the end, I am giving them too much importance. I like the quote by Brian Cox, ‘We are the cosmos made concious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself’. The art at Recursion reminded me of all of that, and to be reminded that I am ‘part of’ and not ‘apart from’ was comforting.

Visit Recursion at LEA27


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