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Watching the world go by…

I recently saw a post on Honour Mcmillan’s blog that made me want to go exploring with my camera again. The location was the beautiful Baby’s Ear.There is plenty signs of life here – a busy farm on the hilltop, an orchard further down the hill, play areas for kids, farm animals wandering and enjoying the ripe fruit and open spaces. But there is also a feeling of time standing still, there is rust and tumbling-down buildings and easygoingness and history. The earthy autumnal tones of the land and sky are soothing; the winding paths that lead down to the rocky coastline encourage you to find a spot and kick back and let the hours drift by. Or take the steps down to the boathouse and count lily pads as the wild grass whispers in the breeze. This is definitely a place to escape to and relax in, listen to sounds of nature or the gentle music stream, and let the atmosphere wrap you up and refresh your spirit. I had a lovely time wandering here and making my pictures. Do visit if you can, you will definitely enjoy it!

Teleport to Baby’s ear

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