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A-Hunting we will go

I have been quiet here, haven’t I! Amongst other things, I have been doing the MOH6 hunt (men only hunt) in SL, and picking up some cool gifts along the way. (Wait, 6? how did I miss 1-5? lol). Anyhoo, I like hunts as a way of discovering new stores and/or sims you might not have heard of before, as long as it’s not super hard to follow the clues. Hunts and events for men in SL are great because there is generally much less stuff for guys fashion wise compared to that on sale for the girls). One store I really liked as I was TPing around on this hunt was NOMAD, really creative stuff in there, furniture and toys and all sorts. And these pictures on this post, I took after picking up the gift at GlamRus. Wandering outside the store, I came across La Luxiton Lounge situated on the ‘EPIA: Every Pixel is Art’ mainstore SIM where GlamRus also is. The Lounge (opposite and kinda to the left) is a very cool build inside and out as you can see. I can’t tell you what events happen here or when as I was only passing through, but I’m pretty sure there is music happening here, I’m sure you could find that out. I bet it’s a nice vibe here, it felt atmospheric inside even when I was inside there on my own. Well this is not the most informative post lolz, but I mainly just wanted to post my pictures tbh. And I’m happy because I found a legal free copy of Photoshop, so I dumped GIMP and grabbed back my beloved PS. It’s an old version, which is why it’s free, with options to upgrade I spose. But since it’s the exact version I had on my old PC (except that one wasn’t as legal lol) I love it. So my hat, top, tattoo and poses in my pics were all just some of the gifts on the MOH6 hunt, all info in link below. (My bro said, ‘that’s not a top!’ What does he know, lool).

Men Only website and hunt links and all that jazz

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