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My visit to Distrito Distinto @ MetaLES

So I finally got round to checking out a LM that two of my friends passed to me in-world a week or two ago. Distrito Distinto (Different District) is open until August 13th, and features 10 rooms created by 10 artists, each room inspired by a song. On arriving at the landing point, I collected my ‘ticket’ as instructed, which gave me a HUD for easy teleporting between each room. Also a notecard with info and listing the 10 artists and their song choices inspiring their work. It is recommended to use the region windlight, and to activate sounds, as the songs in each room are not on the music stream, but are part of each artists work. Some of the rooms (if not all) require you to enable Advanced Lighting, Sun/Moon + Projectors to see the creations correctly. You will have to go into your Graphics tab in Preferences to adjust your settings as needed.

So, I had an enjoyable time jumping from room to room to see each artist’s work, and took photos in just 4 of the rooms that were especially my favourites. I really liked Betty Tureaud’s room (1st pic) because of the song (Rolling Stones, ‘She’s a rainbow’) and the bright colours and funny dancing I could do in there. That was a really happy room! Bryn Oh’s room was really cool and interactive, start walking up the blocks and see what happens! That was great. I loved Cica Ghost’s room also; her style is always recognisable and I loved her colours and characters in there and the fun animations. The final room I chose to make a picture in was Alpha Auer’s, that room was very cool also, kinda Matrixy (yes I did just make up that word) and futuristic, I loved the dark and light contrast in there, the song and atmosphere created.

So, go check it out and see which songs / rooms you like the best! They are all really different and impressive.

Teleport to Distrito Distinto @ MetaLES


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