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A wedding

I have been busy in SL and have not had much time for posting. So, what have I been up to that’s kept me so busy in SL? One, rearranging my land again. And two, two of my friends got married yesterday in SL and asked me to be the celebrant at the service! Of course, me being me, at first I said no. I said no for two days lolz. But ok, they really wanted me to do it and so in the end I gave in lol. So I had to write a short service for them, which they wanted to be personal to them and funny, and then perform it with them yesterday at the wedding. Wow, I was so nervous. Nervous is an understatement. But it all went really well and the celebration was lovely, with a fun party after. Unfortunately I have no pictures at all! Except the one below taken of me by my friend Arc, because I was too busy concentrating on leading the service and making sure I did it perfect for them. Thank you Arcy! lol. But I do have great memories of a lovely day and surrounded by friends, and in the end I did enjoy doing it and I’m happy I made them happy :))

Congratz to my friends Raven and Loveology on this new chapter in their life together.

Love N Ravens wedding (Arc 4)


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