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Today I visited Dreamers, the new installation by Cica Ghost on LEA24. The land description reads, ‘In a surreal world canopied by a magical sky, sixteen figures look upward to dream, and eight eagerly share their visions with visiting explorers’.

So, my impressions from my visit. From a dream of the artist… the dreamers who are dreaming. Dreams within a dream. And here I am, inside it all, walking around inside the layers. Like those Russian dolls you open, and there’s another inside. That’s pretty cool, to me. I don’t know why only eight of the dreamers share their dreams with us. I can only guess. The thing that occurred to me is, maybe it’s something like Second Life, where residents are divided between those who are immersive, creative, artistic, or fantasy driven dreamers, running wild in the magical experience that virtual reality can be and putting all that creativity out there into the virtual world versus those who are here for some kind of virtual chat room, with their whole ‘hi where U from how old R U swap pics?’ vibe, not really contributing anything to the dream. But of course, that is just an interpretation I thought of as I am standing here at the installation (and you could prolly make a similar observation about RL too, creators vs consumers); it could be about anything and really up to observer interpretation, like most art or poetry or songs. That’s the beautiful thing really. The artist presents the work, knowing what it means to them… but not what it will mean to you. If it makes you think or feel something, then they have succeeded. Like Second Life itself really, that someone dreamed up 12 years ago, presented to the public, and watched it grow, mutate, and become the unique and incredible place it is today, probably far away from the original dream in lots of ways. Well, I’m rambling, so back to the point of this post. I always enjoy Cica Ghost’s work, I am becoming familiar with elements of the work and it’s nice to recognise things from previous installations adopted into the new work, like running into old friends. I like this installation a lot – the surreal atmosphere of this pretty, strange, and thought inspiring world. If you visit, make sure you explore up and down the steps and inside the wheel houses, there are always cool stuff to find, and if you mouse hover on the dreamer’s heads there are sit poses, touch them each for a surprise :)

Teleport to Dreamers by Cica Ghost – LEA24

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