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A return to Timeless Memories

So since we are 6 months through 2015, I decided to look back and revisit some of the places I have enjoyed a lot on my travels this year. My first trip under this theme was to Timeless Memories, which I haven’t visited since it was covered in ice and snow in January. I loved the sim then, and was excited to see the changes that have been made here since. Now named Santa Maria dell’isola Italy, the second build of the sim has a Mediterranean theme, and is no less wonderful to explore than the previous design. You land at the dock and take the steps up to the terrace where you can laze on a sun lounger and take in the breathtaking view, or have an ice cream at one of the cute cafe tables. From there, take a walk along the natural, rock lined beach, paddle in the crystal clear waves, or have a seat down on the sand and listen to the gentle sound of the ocean, and the gulls calling as they circle lazily overhead. From the beach there is a long, flower and tree-lined staircase cut into the cliffs, up to the gorgeous villa situated half way up the cliffside. Signs of times gone by line the path, old brick walls and a weather worn column here and there. The villa itself is an amazing place, surrounded by wonderful gardens full of trees and flowers and vines, and a huge courtyard. It is beautifully decorated within, and even has it’s own pool. A dream home in a dream location. I didn’t see any notice to say you can’t enter there, but of course I would say to be respectful anyway. I cammed around inside, and stood under the sprinkler in the garden for a minute or two to cool down, lol. I seriously fell in love with the villa, the beach, the whole island. It is a beautiful, peaceful, natural place, that feels warm and welcoming and completely relaxing. A little bit of heaven in the virtual space.

Teleport to Timeless Memories – Santa Maria dell’isola Italy

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