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My flying visit to SL12B

So anyone who is a resident of SL and has visited the Second Life birthday celebrations this year or previously will know, 15 sims-worth of Exhibits and art, live performances, free gifts and a hunt to be had… you don’t just make a quick visit to that! My post is titled ‘flying’ because I really didn’t know where to start! So I began at the welcome area, and then decided to make a game of it with myself in the end, by flying around and seeing what caught my eye or appealed to me personally, completely at random, for my 5 post pictures. There are a lot of landmarks to touch at the welcome area however, or in my links below landmarks, schedules and all the info you need to help you on your visit, if you want to be less disorganised than me. There are also the pod tours you can jump on, those are pretty fun.

So two days exploring later, here is just a drop in the ocean of some the amazing variety of builds, art, sculptures, and creations from SL residents that I have seen so far at this year’s celebration. I haven’t photographed any of the famous landmarks for this post because I can imagine they are well documented on other blogs and flickr already, but of course check out that stuff like the cake stage, the auditorium, the welcome area and so on. I am also not going to write a long post about this, I will just link to the SL Community Celebration Blog, SL12B on the Destination Guide, oh and also I wanted to mention the Rock out at the SL12B Official Music Fest event that happens tomorrow and Saturday, all info in the link. Lots of live performers lined up for that which I know is going to be awesome. 12 years is a hella long time for a virtual world to survive and grow, I personally have seen many changes over the 7 years I have been in SL and who knows what the future will bring. I think it’s great to visit somewhere like SL12B and be reminded of all the incredible creativity, talent and imagination of the residents who live out their dreams here. Happy birthday Second Life.


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