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Second Pride Festival 2015

This morning I went to check out the Pride sims. Second Pride 2015 opened yesterday and the festival is set to run for two weeks, with lots of DJ parties and other events happening for the LGBTQ community and their friends and supporters. Second Pride, like Pride events in RL, is a meaningful event in a number of ways; to bring people together, to give a sense of community and identity, to offer safety and acceptance to those who cannot celebrate or be ‘out’ in their real lives, to have a presence in the virtual world and beyond. Pride is not about, ‘oh yay look at me and my sexuality,’ it’s about not being ashamed of who you are, it’s about highlighting the discrimination and hate that many LGBTQ people still face in the world and working hard to change that, it’s about offering a safe, happy space to be with friends or make new ones, it’s about being able to dance or hold your loved one’s hand and not be afraid to do that, it’s about knowing you are not alone.

Today is the Pride Parade with all the community floats, from 10am SLT until noon (that’s 6pm start in UK, 7pm Europe time and so on). That is definitely going to be fun. I am looking forward to Antonio Toocool’s set today on the main stage too, he is a very impressive house music DJ. But check out the schedule here for all the events and performers who will be appearing on the next two weeks. Keep checking back too, because items will get added. If you take a TP to the Second Pride HQ, you can touch the group joiner or the social network links to keep informed also. And don’t forget to pick up your free tee-shirt which I am modelling in Pic 1. Aside from parties and social events, there is a huge selection of shops to check out and most have free gifts set out for visitors, and when you are tired, have a seat at the Corner Bakery and grab a coffee and a pastry. The Japanese garden is a lovely place to relax, or you can get some adrenalin rush at the carnival. There is the resource centre on the HQ sim, and it was nice to see the memorial chapel again, with some candles I lit there from last year still burning. But come and check it out for yourself, whether you identify as LGBTQ or not. The festival is open to everyone who believes in equality and love and the freedom to be exactly who we are :)

TP to Second Pride HQ (and surrounding sims) Second Pride Festival 2015

Real world links
London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard
Matthew’s Place
Stop – Suicide Prevention

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