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Black Kite

I had a busy weekend in SL shopping and party hopping, and so when my friend suggested we go and enjoy some chill time at Black Kite, I was ready to kick back and relax! This morning I jumped back to grab some pictures.

Black Kite is a water sim, which I love. It is a dreamy build, with many attractively constructed areas for sitting and relaxing, either alone or with friends. You should investigate everything, because there are lots of fun poses to try. The music stream is deeply ethereal, lending to the dreamlike feel of the place, where fantasy and reality blend easily together. Soft white fluffy clouds drift in a rich aqua sky and reflect in the gentle ripples of the water. Some areas are springlike, others are more autumnal. There are a few rules regarding the owner’s privacy and general conduct for visitors, which are easy to follow, check the covenant as you arrive. There is also a shop to visit, with furniture and decorations vendor boards, or you can try your hand at the gacha machines. I am very happy that my friend shared this sim with me, I had a very enjoyable time there and I plan to go back often, as it is a lovely place to spend time, listen to the music, and recharge.

Teleport to Black Kite


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