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Selfies at Kita Island

‘My house burned down
But anyway, it was after
The flower petals had already fallen’.
– Tachibana Higuchi

Yesterday I was invited to a Japanese themed, joint birthday and rezday party, for Amanda and her SL daughter Sweety. They had built a beautiful set for the party, and it was a lot of fun, even though I was pretty tired from a long day and didn’t feel like making pictures at the party. So before I got changed, I went out into SL today to make some pictures of what I wore. I took these three pictures at the pretty and serene Kita Island, a nice place to visit in SL whether you are wearing a Kimono or not. (The vegetable garden you see me pictured at is fun, you can water, rake, plant, gather, weed and so on).

Teleport to Kita Island


3 thoughts on “Selfies at Kita Island

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  2. Thank you so much for your very kind words about Kita Island. I’m Misaki, the 女家長 (On’na ienaga) or matriarch of Kita Island. All are welcome here to enjoy our gardens. We welcome any person who enjoys the beauty of nature.

    Your photographs are wonderful! Please, come visit any time.
    Misaki Kita

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