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Crestwick Island

So it seems like I took an unplanned break from this blog. But today I pulled my camera out again and made a visit to Crestwick Island, an inviting sim that combines an interesting town to explore with scenic park and marsh land outside of the town. When you arrive you land in the town itself, and the greeter advises you to use the region windlight and up your draw distance and so on. You can also join the group, which is free. I explored the town first, I liked the record shop and the cafe a lot. The town was busy with visitors, people browsing in the shops or sitting taking refreshments. Then I skated along the road, under the bridge and up the hill path, which was pretty fun to do on my board. At the top there are viewing platforms where you can look out over the town. Then I went back down the steps on the other side of the hill and spent some time exploring the natural spots on the lower ground, and took a seat in a pretty spot by the water. I like a lot sims that are built on so many levels like this one, and I like this place in particular because of the really nice combination of town and countryside. There is a lot more to see than in my few pictures and I recommend a visit here.

Teleport to Crestwick Island

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