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Calypso , (where hopes and dreams collide)

I spent a considerable amount of time at this sim over the last couple of days. Calypso Dream is one of those sims that, if you are a photographer/blogger, it offers so much that you want to capture with your camera, that it’s hard to choose what you will post. The landscaping is beautiful, with natural beaches, rocky coastline and lots of green space on the higher land. Lovely flowers, trees and greenery, wild and natural. There are places to sit and chill, hang out with friends or just take in the view and relax. I did spot a cosy looking library if you are up for some reading, and other buildings of interest like the lighthouse and a coffee shop. A large part of the land centrally and out to the coastline is given over to lake water, where you can find pretty and interesting water plants like water lilies, reeds, marsh weed and swamp trees. I really liked the coffee shop (picture 5), which sits on a deck at the SW corner of the sim. Coffee and baked goods on the lower floor and up above is a music bar where you can play piano or throw on a vinyl and kick back in one of the comfortable chairs.

Calypso is a very pretty, enjoyable place to visit and I recommend checking it out.

Teleport to Calypso Dream

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