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My visit to the SS Galaxy

I have read on various blogs that this cruise ship is closing down on Sunday 3rd May 2015. The ship has been on the Second Life grid for a grand total of 8 years, since February of 2007. No mesh or (I think) even sculpties here. I wanted to see the ship before it was removed and get a few pictures from my visit. I think it’s pretty amazing to see what people were able to create back in the day with simple prims – the ship is apparently built to scale, and stretches across three sims in the Blake sea. Trying to get my first photo was a bit scary, I had to push my draw distance all the way up to 1024 to get the ship to rez all the way to its tail end. No crashing for me though luckily. It’s sad when things end, but everything does. There are still a couple days left to go check it out for yourself, and experience a real piece of SL history.

Teleport to the SS Galaxy


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