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Recuperating at Barneys Bay

I have been unwell in RL and so have not felt like doing very much, including blogging. Add to that SL has not been cooperative with me lately, my water textures were borked and I was crashing during picture taking, which is very frustrating and discouraging. Today I felt a bit better though and I wanted to make a post, but I still had the crashing thing. I decided to do a clean reinstall of SL (which means manually deleting cache, settings, and then uninstalling the program. Then reinstalling, and redoing settings – made much easier by Firestorm viewer’s ability to backup/restore settings from prefs). Fingers crossed it seems to have resolved my issues and so exploring was made fun again today. I went into the Second Life Destination Guide and found a place called Barneys Bay. A very cute seaside town that reminds me a lot of the coastal towns here in the UK. Little cottages lining the streets, painted colours like pink or blue, flower boxes in their windows, narrow paved streets, gulls swirling and crying above the endless crash of the waves, and in the square the usual selection of village shops like bakery, florist, souvenirs, and of course the local pub with picnic tables outside, where you can have your fish and chips and a pint. The lighthouse marks one end of the land, and by the harbour are boxes and other tools from fishing boats. What was surprising for me was when I opened the map that this build is actually on the mainland of SL. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the original land from when SL began, only later when SL was established was when people began to be able to rent or buy private sims outside of the mainland. The mainland, for the most part, is.. well, not always particularly beautiful compared to private sims, although the water plots along the coast of the mainland are nicer. So I was really tickled to find Barneys Bay here on the mainland because it’s so pretty! The mainland is special because of its long history from when SL began and it’s exciting when you find something cool here. As I investigated more, I discovered that this build was created by builders involved in the Linden Department of Public Works, which is ‘a program focused on improvements related to the experience of living on, or visiting the Linden Mainland‘. So yea, good job! And so I am sitting here now writing my post, listening to the waves and the gulls, and feeling very relaxed and chilled out the way I do if I ever go to the seaside in RL. Oh! and I nearly forgot to write about the free boat I got here too. You can pick one up from the pier and I was able to rez mine out too and sail it right here (there is a return time of 3 mins which gives you plenty of time to rez and sit down in your boat). It sits two avatars if you want to take a friend along with you. There is a lot of water in SL for you to sail on if you like to do that. The anims in this boat are neat, it comes with a NC with instructions and also a trainer HUD to teach you to make the most of your sailing, (just keep clicking the gift giver to get your boat, HUD and NC), and I think you can customise the colours of the boat too although I haven’t gone that far yet. A really cool free gift worth picking up at a very nice place to visit. I only sailed mine into a wall one time while making my picture, lol.

Teleport to Barneys Bay


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