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Visiting Tillicum Island

Hello blog readers! I have been busy in SL lately and have not made an exploring post for some time. More about that later though. Today I finally got back on my skateboard and took a trip around the beautiful Tillicum Island. A stunning place to explore, full of gorgeous trees and flowers, fields of wild grasses, and interesting builds scattered across the land, to investigate or take a seat at for a while to take in the amazing scenery. The various structures around the island sit discreetly in the wild landscape and I love when man-made and nature compliment each other like they do here at Tillicum Island. The owners of the land have their private home here, but it’s clearly marked and so you don’t have to worry about straying into there if you read the sign. The rest of the region is yours to explore and it’s well worth the visit. The windlight is set at early evening with the sun just beginning to fall behind the rocky hills, and this lends to the atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The cobblestone pathways guide you around, but if you are like me you will stray away from them and just find your own way around, (and fall off the cliffs a couple of times and into the sea if you are also like me in that way too lol). At the lowest points of the land are lovely natural beaches, and you can climb up the natural stone stairways to the highest points of the land and then look out over it and across the sea. Wonderful! I enjoyed my visit here very much and felt very relaxed by the time I had to leave.

Teleport to Tillicum Island


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