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I made the decision today to remove my in-world gallery. I have been thinking about it for a while. I still have a few wall tattoos for sale at my Marketplace store, and eventually I will add what other work I want to on there. I want to thank everyone who encouraged and supported me over the years with my gallery, who visited, bought work, picked up my free gifts, gave me reviews and ratings, left tips and nice comments. It really did mean the world to me.

In place of the gallery I have built a small home. I have gotten a little tired of living on a blank sky platform since I gave up my garden some weeks back. On a 512m plot with only 117 prim available to me – or LI (land impact) as it is now known in the days of mesh – I had to think very hard about the things I wanted to pull out of my inventory and surround myself with. And of course I had to make room for my Meeroo, lol. But a few hours later I have put a new living space together and I think it came out okay. It is reminiscent of my garden before but I bought some new things, and put out some of my favourite stuff I have collected over time too. Below is a collage of I made on Picmonkey of photos I took once I was done building.

Pic Monkey New Home

If I don’t post again before Sunday, wishing everyone a happy Easter time if you celebrate/recognise that. In the UK we get a 4 day holiday which is pretty nice. I am hoping to pick up a smart TV in the holiday sales. I wanted one for ages. I don’t care about a smart phone, but a TV will be useful.


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