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The Trace Too!

I was very happy to see on my blog reader today that the Trace has made a return to Second Life. Now known as The Trace Too, this wonderful sim has always been one of my favourite places to visit in SL. The Trace Too, like it’s predecessor, is a seasonal sim, and right now the bright colours of spring/summer are here. Something I love about this Sim is the fresh turquoise colour of the sky and the sea this time of year, it’s so refreshing to my eyes. The flat sands stretch out far and wide, and the waves roll gently in and make rivers here and there. There is lots of signs of life – boards for surfing, cuddle spots, camp fires and camper vans, boats, wind breakers, beach chairs – but none of that detracts from the feeling of wide-openness, fresh air and chilled atmosphere of the place. Wild grass and flowers, rocks and driftwood lend to the natural feel of the beach, and the gulls circle and call. If you take a walk up the sand dunes to the higher land, you can peek inside the coastal houses and beach huts. There is even a Laundromat (for holiday makers I suppose lol) with a small playground outside of it for the kids. I loved spending time here today, and can safely say that The Trace Too remains one of my best places to visit in SL and I am sure I will be returning often!

Teleport to The Trace Too


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