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Ruins, and this and that

Today I nearly drove myself crazy trying to remember a song. Has it ever happened to you, when you can hear just a snippet of a melody in your head, but you can’t remember the artist, title or lyrics? lol. How on earth are you ever going to find that song driving you crazy?! Luckily, after an hour of fruitless searching my music folders, spotify and youtube (and quite a lot of language,) while I was out walking my dog a lyric of the song came into my head and I was able to google it and identify the track when I got home. Relief! I swear that would have kept me awake all night.

So now I now have the song on repeat while I am visiting at the newest installation by Cica Ghost, called *Ruins*. And I quote from the land details, ‘only the blackbirds and wildflowers remain to inhabit the ruins of the once active city, its brick edifices having collapsed to reveal the deserted worlds within‘. I always enjoy visiting Cica Ghost’s works, you might remember ‘Little Town‘ or ‘The Visitors.’ *Ruins* is for me a particularly appealing installation; I am always fond of builds where nature is taking things back, where the man-made is decaying, and flowers and trees and nature is taking over. When I had a home in SL, I would always build this way, I think it is a special kind of beauty. I have a quote from Donnie Darko in my head now, ‘destruction is a form of creation.’ Perhaps images like this are symbolic of hope and that’s why I like them, like… nothing ends, only changes. Or, something like the caterpillar/butterfly, who must endure a great deal of transformation to become beautiful.

Hmm, anyway. *Ruins* is a lovely place to visit, so go and check it out while it is open. You can wander through all the tumble down buildings and imagine life before they became abandoned, who lived there and where they went. Perhaps your mind will wander randomly like mine while you walk among the flowers, or scramble up high on a wall for a blackbirds eye view like me. My pictures below, plus that song that was making me nuts, lol.

Teleport to *Ruins* by Cica Ghost

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