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A bike ride at Leka

Today I took a trip to Leka, located on the Nordan om Jorden sim. When arriving at the landing point I saw you could hire bicycles, so I got one and set off on my way. It is quite hilly here, so your pixel legs will get a good workout as you explore. I felt proud of myself that I didn’t fall off the wooden walkway from the landing point to the land on my bike, since falling off stuff is my usual style (oldest noob in SL, lol). It’s very beautiful at Leka, peaceful and natural. I love the flowers and trees here and the wild grasses and shrubs. The land is longer than it is wide, with a small beach at one end which I loved, and lots of wonderful places to sit around the island, on the sand, or in sunbeams under the trees. The human touch blends naturally with the wildness of the island here, there are domesticated animals here like dogs and cats and horses, and wild birds flying overhead. I saw a music stage, a greenhouse, and even a bathhouse. I love the delicate lights in some of the trees that look like stars, I love the really old knotted trees that look like they have been there forever. Finally I had to abandon my bike, because I wanted to go and visit the ruined cottage marooned a little way out from the main island on a small stretch of flat rock. It’s raining over there, lucky I had my umbrella.

I liked it here very much and would recommend you visit. There is much more to see than in my few pictures I took, go check it out.

Teleport to Leka


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