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City Lights

I like walking out with my dog late at night, mostly round the streets, but lately I have been daring myself to go up to the woods and go deeper and deeper into the trees in the dark. In the woods at night it ain’t just dark… it’s DARRRRRRRRKKKKKK. And so yea, pretty scary in a Blair Witch kind of way. But I kno there’s nothing there really, just birds and foxes and other creatures who like to live in and around trees. So into the darkness I go, and if I wait a while my eyes start to adjust. I can see the flashes of white on my dog’s coat. If there’s a moon, then I can start to make out leaves under my feet, and the glow of pebbles in the mud. The trees and shrubs begin to take form in the blanket of blackness. And if I look up, the clouds are puffy and plaster-white against the black/blue sky. I like looking up at the moon, sometimes I think to myself everyone I know looks up at that same moon, and that can make you feel kind of, more connected to people, like the world is very small and no one you love or think about is really that far away when they can see what you can see too. But what I really like is if I go high enough into the woods and then I turn around at the top of the hill, I can look through the trees across the City and see all the lights shining below. Ever since I was a kid I have loved looking at the City lights at night, if you’re up high and you can see a great sweep of them below you, going for miles and miles. So I do that now, in the trees in the dark, look out across the City lights, bright red ones on the tallest towers and yellows and whites in the windows and the streets. I was thinking to myself, no one knows I am here, but there’s a million people down there. It looks like a big fairground, which I suppose life is, and we are on the craziest ride there is.

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