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The Infinite Islands

So a friend of mine recommended that I take a trip to The Infinite Islands, a tropical SL paradise with bright blue seas, smooth white sands, and lots and lots to do. I headed over there today with the intention to have a go at surfing, I did it once before in SL and it was really fun. But then I saw the Jetski rezzer and I grabbed one of those straight away! And spent a ridiculous amount of time whizzing up and down on that, it was so much fun! It comes with a HUD so that you can control your camera angle, speed and so on. Me and vehicles in SL are not usually a good mix, but I managed not to crash into anything, and when I was out of fuel I jumped off to see what else was here. There are a bunch of places to sit and relax for couples and singles, you can surf or jetski of course, have a drink at one of the beach bars or enjoy some tropical fruit, an ice cream or a coffee. There are a bunch of games to play too like Greedy and so on, so it would be a cool place for a group of friends to hang out and socialise. Or if you are like me and just enjoy wandering alone and taking pictures and stuff, you can have a seat up on the boardwalk and watch the sun go down, or take a deck chair down to the water’s edge. There’s even a very attractive little dance club here, not sure if they have events or not but if you join the group I’m pretty sure you can find that out. And don’t forget to check out the shipwreck, but if you fire a cannon and hit something, don’t blame me! My friend was right, it’s a beautiful and entertaining place to visit, check it out and have some fun!

TP to The Infinite Islands


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