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StoryBrooke Gardens, Baja Norte

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you will know by now how much I love the fantasy/escapism element of Second Life. StoryBrooke Gardens is a dream come true in that respect. Floating high above the well known Baja Norte Beach but a world away from reality, it is brim full of story book characters and scenes and fantastical creatures set in gorgeous landscaping and just so much cute. Of course I fell in love with the place immediately. Complete escapism. I walked the path and then wandered off it to see what else I could find. I am a pose addict so of course I had to sit on everything and go in all the houses and stuff lol. There is so much to see, the worst thing was trying to choose what to take pictures of for the blog. Beautiful and wonderful, visit if you can.

I will just mention too that at the landing spot in the Gardens there are also Teleport boards to Baja Norte (link to my post above) and Bentham Manor (which I haven’t been to yet so will visit soon), also owned by the same creator.

TP to StoryBrooke Gardens

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