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Exploring at Blithe

So I haven’t posted for some time an exploring post. Seems like I have been busy in SL doing other stuff, including a lot of shopping for once. This round of the Men’s Dept is pretty good, I also did the Jack or Jill Hunt and picked up some nice items I wanted from that and found some cool creators along the way. I also made an alt for my new gallery group, but then I got lazy and didn’t feel like working on him as another human avatar, so now he’s a dragonfly lol. I found a cool mesh avi for free on the marketplace here. He will be nice to explore with, especially on fantasy sims, and so I might use him more than I first imagined. But after all the shopping and stuff I needed to get some relax time for my pixels, so I checked out the Destination Guide and then headed to beautiful Blithe sim. A very restful place with wooden pathways through the forest, a natural sandy beach below, and mountain pathways to climb up and up through the rocks and find a spot to sit way up high. I liked that this place is built on so many levels, I enjoyed climbing as high as I could and looking over the land and then I spent a while on the beach, which is peaceful unspoiled haven and I think was my favourite feature of the sim. I didn’t go into it but I did spot as I was wandering the coffeehouse, and there are little hideaway spots to sit or dance all around, and nice landscaping features to discover. Definitely a place you can visit on a regular basis and hang out with friends, or just enjoy some down time taking in the view.

Teleport to Blithe

Also just a reminder that this is the last day I will leave my free valentine’s gift out at my gallery, for anyone who would like it.


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