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The Outer Garden

I have had this popular location bookmarked for a week or more, and visited a couple of times, but only just made some pictures today. I think all the procrastinating was because I have been unwell in RL for the last few days and was off work yesterday and today. But anyway, The Outer Garden is the kind of location in SL that you will want to visit more than once. It is a pretty and delicate build that is bright, light and full of flowers, and a warm and relaxing place to spend some time. You can wander in the roses, or have a seat and some ‘ice dreams’ (even nicer than ice creams) or tea at the little cafe. Lovely.

Teleport to The Outer Garden at Calm Beach

And just a reminder that I have a free gift out at my gallery until the 14th February, which is an original poem picture by me. Feel free to drop by and pick it up if you would like to.

Soft Rains - Free Gift

Soft Rains – Free Gift


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