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Gift at my gallery

January is finally over. It hasn’t been a particularly good month for me, but okay, all you can do is keep your head up and keep moving. And so here we are in February, and for Valentine’s Day I have been spending some days writing and making a new gift for visitors to my gallery in Second Life. While I am not a fan of romance and hearts and flowers and all that stuff – I find it all a bit forced and silly – I am a big fan of love. The kind of love that is shown in actions, every single day. Giving someone your time and attention for instance. Listening carefully when they tell you something and doing your best to see their point of view. Or putting their feelings first, (and hopefully they do the same for you). Or just sitting quietly with each other when one of you is sad, or laughing hilariously at each others bad jokes. Speaking openly from the heart and not being afraid to share what you really think or feel. Or in the wider sense, what makes people want to help others, or try and make peace where there is hate, or rescue animals, or foster homeless kids. Love is necessary, love is vital for survival. It’s not really about cards and roses, it’s about empathy and selflessness. It would be an amazing earth to live on if everyone was doing that. But lots of people try and I’m grateful for the moments that touch me personally, when someone is kind, when someone shares openly and shows me a little bit of their soul, when someone listens to me, when someone hugs or kisses me for no reason. And so I want to share this gift at my gallery with whoever passes by, for no particular reason, except to celebrate love in the way that I see it and hope someone will enjoy my creation.

I will leave the gift out until the 14th. Oh and I should say that the poem is original work by me, and I took the picture for the artwork at’ embryo – un Jour… There Will Come Soft Rains..’ I believe that the garden is being rebuilt and it already looks very different from last time I was here, but I love this space in SL. And I named my gift after it.

Here is the LM to my gallery

Don’t forget to say hi to Lorcan the meeroo if you visit, lol.


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