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Inside a dream at Paradiso

There are many different kinds of builds and sims in Second Life. Paradiso is one of those places that, for me, hit me with many thoughts and feelings on arriving at the landing point. So what I will write now is my personal interpretation and what I thought and felt on my visit. The first thing I felt, was unsettled, emotional even. Much like a real dream, I was confused which way to turn or look or what was happening for me, the observer. Paradiso is a water sim, and there are some scary things here, dark spirits with skeletal goat faces and skulls under their feet, many hands reaching upwards from the water, objects float in the sky and in the water, scattered clocks tell different times. Everything is very surreal, and the pale sky reflecting on the sea strengthens that sense of otherworldly. The music stream is ethereal and also lends to the atmosphere. So then I cammed up and saw, floating head downwards in the sky, the sculpture of a lady. Butterflies were falling from her, and I think everything else around me fell from her too and these were her dreams. Then I didn’t feel unsettled anymore, only curious. I looked at everything, scary and beautiful, the caged birds and the butterflies and the leaves falling from the trees. I got a sense of, confusion, longing, transformation, of being set free? And in the end I just felt very peaceful here, and I wondered about the dreams and I felt, as I have sometimes felt before in SL, lucky to be able to walk inside someone else’s visions and try to understand them for myself.

So, important to note – the greeter told me as I arrived that this place will close in 2 weeks, and so if you want to go and visit you had better go as soon as you can. I think this is one of those special builds that sets SL apart from other worlds and reminds me why I keep logging in. You can dance here, or just walk around or sit. I’m still sitting here now, listening to the music, losing track of time. Wonderful.

Teleport to Paradiso – (Dream ending someday)


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