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Dream Sailing

Today as I was browsing the Second Life Destination Guide, I saw an entry called ‘Dream Sailing.’ It looked interesting so I went to check it out. When you arrive at the Landing Point, open the door and take the TP into the first area. There you rez your boat for your sail. The instructions suggest that you set your sun position to midnight, turn on the music stream, and use mouselook while you are in the boat to look around. The boat sits two if you want to go with a friend or significant other. The ride is not very long so you won’t need a huge amount of time to do it, but it is very nice and I enjoyed it a lot. I did it a couple times so the second time I could get some pictures. The music stream does enhance the dreamlike feel of the journey, so I would say to turn it on while you sail. I liked all the various scenes but I think if I had to pick, my favourite was the last one which was kind of desert-like with ghostly sand dunes and all the floating lamps giving that surreal dreamlike feel.

When I was done I took a quick look around the store, which sells fantasy clothes and items (as in fairies, elves, medieval and so on,) and said hi to the reindeer in the forest. A nice time spent here.

TP to Dream Sailing (at Forest of Zyn)


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