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Another visit to Binemist

So a couple of days ago I made a quote post, with a picture taken at the lovely Binemist sim. This morning I went back to make some more photos for this post. A build on two levels, when you TP into the sim, you will find yourself in the underwater world. Cool, calm and blue, you can follow the path around to explore under the sea. I found a dance ball, or rather, dance ‘aloe plant’ that you can click if you want to do some couple dancing to the stream. But if you’re exploring alone, no need to be lonely, there are lots of turtles for company.  I loved the elephants, who seemed perfectly content in their under underwater home. After a while spent under the waves, I found the wooden steps up to the surface, and wandered a bit between the houses and the island and the lighthouse. You can use the TPs around the sim though, if you want to save your pixel legs. There are places for sitting and chilling either below the sea or up above. It’s a beautiful build with a restful atmosphere, and was perfect for me this weekend when I needed to get away from everything and be alone with my thoughts.

Here is the TP again… Binemist.


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