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A relaxing time at Timeless Memories

I am feeling Januaryish. Lazy, listless, uninspired. The cold weather doesn’t do much for me, I can’t wait for Spring now, and I thought that after Xmas I was done with Winter sims in SL too. But I have been seeing a lot of posts on the blogs I follow about Timeless Memories, so today I dragged my lazy self over there to see it for myself. And it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this watery sim. It has some of my favourite landscaping from Alirium and HPMD, the pale, delicate trees and grasses are perfect for the snowy backdrop. I used the sim windlight to explore and make pictures, and the sky is heavy with still-falling snow. The atmosphere is relaxing, the music stream is classical and the gentle call of birds is all around you. The only thing not relaxed is the crazy bunch of penguins having a good time skating around on the ice. I was more mentally in tune with the swans though, paddling idly around on the unfrozen water. I sat in the boat for a while, watching them and looking around, writing this post and enjoying the music and the sounds around me and letting the atmosphere of the sim soak in. There is a bakery where you can get cake and tea for when you get too cold. There are a number of nice spots to sit, I didn’t go in the houses but I think you probably can. Or just follow the boardwalk around and find all the surprises and cool stuff to see. I can see why this sim is popular, it’s beautiful, atmospheric, relaxing and if you like taking photos like me, very photogenic. Make a visit, if you can.

Teleport to Timeless Memories


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