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Yesterday a friend of mine TP’d me to the Tableau sim. I remembered being there a long time ago, but before I was blogging, so today I jumped back to make some pictures of this very cool place. This is a build with lots of personality, I love the colours and style. It feels like traditional SL to me, and by that I mean it has imagination, individuality, surprises, everything I love about SL. With mesh taking over the virtual world, sometimes I think that some of those qualities are being lost in the pursuit of perfection… or, I guess, if a large number of sims are using the same landscaping, then some of the soul of the individual landscapers is being lost. Something like that. Anyhoo, I am rambling. I love Tableau, it’s pretty and fun. There are shops here, I didn’t really investigate them tho, I cammed in a couple and saw stuff for ladies, some gacha machines and all that, but I’m sure there is other stuff too shop-wise. I just enjoyed the sim itself, I went up the mountain and through the carnival and said hi to the dinosaurs and wandered the high street admiring the builds and the decoration. A nice place to visit and explore.

Teleport to Tableau


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