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HPMD Xmas room 2014

Me again! I thought that I had prolly made my last post before Xmas reached us, but today my friend Amanda gave me a LM to the HPMD (happy mood) Xmas room, having a feeling I would like it and maybe make some pictures. She was right, I loved it! Very Alice in Wonderland like in there, very original and pretty and magical.

If you approach from the main store, then cross the bridge to the snow and click on the chimney to enter (my picture 1). Then follow the red ribbon path all the way downwards. Of course if you are like me, you will want to sit on everything and click and play with everything once you are in there lol. At the bottom I discovered a free gift under the tree for group members, it’s free to join the group and if you grab the present then you get some very pretty Xmas trees as a gift, the small one like in my picture 5, or the really large one in my other pics that you will see in the Xmas room when you visit. Lovely gifts from an amazing SL creator :))

Here is the TP that will land you at the bridge.

Have fun and once again, all the best of the season for anyone that reads here.



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