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Arc’s Winter Haven

Yesterday was the Q Lounge Trance Club winter party. My friend Arc Hellman, who is a well known Trance DJ in Second Life, opened up his home for the occasion. Our friends Amanda (Owner of Q Lounge) and her daughter Sweety had been busy decorating Arc’s land for the party and they did an amazing job. Last time I was down there on the land it was Autumn, so it was really breathtaking to land at the specially built dance floor yesterday in the middle of all the winter beauty they have created. The party was so much fun, no trance music last night, instead all the best (and worst lol) of Christmas songs from the 1960’s until the present day. Everyone had a great time and much drunk typing was done in open chat while we danced and laughed and celebrated together.

Today I went back to the land to make some pictures of the land surrounding the dance floor, it was lovely to wander around and look at everything with the snow falling softly all around, smiling to myself at the memories from the night before. It really is a beautiful place to spend time, and thank you to Arcy for inviting us all to party there and to visit and enjoy until the Spring.

Because it is someone’s home, I am not going to put the LM here in my blog, *EDIT, Arcy gave me permission to put the LM here for anyone who wants to visit :))

TP to Arc’s Winter Haven

And if you love vocal/non-vocal trance, come and check out Q Lounge (12 noon-4pm SLT Mon-Sat) for great DJs and friendly crazy people :))

Here are my pics from Arc’s Winter Haven. And below that is my 2 favourite Xmas songs from yesterday. Duno if I will post again before the day so, wishing everyone who reads here a peaceful Xmas and all the best for the new year.

Q Lounge Winter Party 2014

Partying it up on the night


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